Transaction Support

Our team of transaction support specialists provide confidence, clarity and support during acquisitions, disposals and reorganisations, both nationally and internationally. Our global team of experts combines the sector, technical and commercial knowledge required to make even the most complex transactions a success.

Whether your are buying or selling a business, we will work closely with you to understand the main drivers behind your deal, your strategic plan going forward and the associated risks to ensure the scope of work is robust and meets the needs of your board, your financial backers or potential acquirer. Typically, our report will focus on a critical analysis of the historical and projected financial performance, including:

  • Identifying potential ‘deal breakers’.
  • Highlighting issues which may lead to a purchase price adjustment.
  • Understanding the working capital requirement of the business.

Acquisition financial due diligence

  • Through our financial due diligence, we help companies understanding an organisation’s historical financial performance, its on and off-balance sheet assets and liabilities, and the key assumptions underpinning its projected performance is crucial to assessing the viability of a transaction and will ultimately influence the price you are willing to pay.
  • We assist our clients during the purchase price adjustment phase through our procedures on the closing date balance sheet.

Vendor assistance

We assist the vendor throughout the sale process with support to carve out accounting and financial data of the business considered for sale, assistance to set up the data room and develop a financial model to ensure the best price is obtained. Our advices aim also at reducing the business disruptions and accelerating the transfer to new owners.