Mazars in Indonesia

Mazars in Indonesia is a leading audit, accounting, tax, and advisory practice. Combining the benefits of integrated and independent global partnership with the innovative drive of the professionals and senior advisors.

Since its establishment in 2008 in Indonesia, Mazars has grown to be one of the top audit, outsourcing, tax, legal and advisory services providers.

In its fast growing team, Mazars employs only highly skilled and dedicated professionals serving a wide range and multi-sector clients including large  Indonesian companies, SMEs and Subsidiaries of Large International Groups and NGOs, Government Organisations, Bilateral and Multilateral Aid Agencies.

With nationals from Indonesia, France and the Philippines, our team of highly qualified professionals is representative of the Mazars’ melting pot, which fits in perfectly with the Indonesian cultural diversity.

We value long-term business and personal relationships and we strive to strengthen them through each new assignment.

Mazars is also present in other Asian countries, enabling the offices to unify their capabilities and energies to satisfy the increasing demand of the market as well as providing tailored solutions to our clients. Our international partners know each other well, work together and can personally recommend their counterparts in other offices around the world, who will ensure solutions that fit your needs.