What challenges are you facing?

Our French Desk is designed to reduce the issues arising from geographical distance and the challenges encountered in understanding local business rules and customs.

Familiar with the challenges that French companies face, Mazars has mobilized its cross-functional, global and local expertise to provide financial advice and compliance solutions aligned with the local contact. Some of the challenges usually encountered by the French investors include:

- being able to identify the differences in terms of regulatory frameworks between France and Indonesia in order to understand the impacts in terms of business, tax and financial reporting;

- identifying and setting up the most adapted and efficient legal and tax structure for operating their business in Indonesia;

- ensuring the compliance in terms of tax, accounting filing and manpower requirements;

- understanding the local market regarding the costs of production and shipping, labor, marketing, distribution, and pricing;

- being aware of the cultural differences and the communication skills that will be required to operate successfully.

Our approach helps our clients navigate the various cultural and linguistic challenges typically encountered when expanding and operating across borders. We also seek to provide our French clients valuable networking opportunities and insights into the Indonesian business culture.