Transaction services

Mazars Transaction Services teams can offer all the necessary skills and expertise to serve all aspects of your transactions. From valuation, due diligence and assistance to underperforming business and litigation support.

We can review your completed accounts and comply with banking covenants and reporting assignments. Mazars’ clients include vendors, purchasers and financiers.

Our aim is to form a long-lasting relationship with you and supply the technical excellence and confidence you need. We can tailor our services to your unique transaction while complying with regulations and respecting demands for confidentiality and ethical conduct.

We have set up a team of more than 160 professionals and 26 partners who are dedicated to providing services to large groups, mid-caps and private equity investors.

Our Transaction Services specialists can call on the specialised knowledge of auditors, advisors and tax experts in Europe, Asia, the United States, Latin America, the Middle East and Africa.

Because we are fully integrated, we can provide you with a service that is tailored to your industry. A senior partner will be assigned to your particular project, coordinating our services and ensuring we pick a team with the best skills for the job.

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Transaction Services brochure

With a presence in 50 countries thanks to its integrated partnership, Mazars has set up a dedicated Transaction Services team of more than 200 professionals and 30 partners providing both domestic and cross-border services to large groups, midcaps and private equity investors.

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Due diligence

Acquisition due diligence and vendor due diligence.

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Litigation support

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Mergers and acquisitions

If you are going through an acquisition, Mazars will examine the financial, legal and tax circumstances of your target company.

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Business restructuring

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Mazars can help you value your investments, business and assets. You might want to forecast the financial effects of a business restructuring or determine an asset value during this process.

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Tax services

Mazars can assist you with every transaction, whether it is refinancing, restructuring or an acquisition.

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