Sustainability Services

An introduction to the various sustainability services and advisory that is provided by Mazars in Indonesia

From the many meanings dictionaries provide for its root ‘sustain’, we believe that ‘endure’ best fits the Latin source sustinere (tenere, to hold; and sus, up). As such, sustainability can be defined as ‘the capacity to endure’.
Sustainability is a relatively new approach to business reporting and like anyone sailing in uncharted waters it pays to keep a sharp lookout for the dangers that may put the company at risk.  To take the nautical analogy a league further, if we consider Investors, Communities and Employees as the most visible of those likely to be affected by any misfortune, we can view Brand, Environment, Reputation, Governments and Supply chains as the hidden factors on which the company may possibly founder.
Thus to help our clients better meet their corporate responsibilities to all stakeholders, Mazars is increasingly looking to provide value added sustainability reporting and consulting in addition to our more traditional audit and consulting services. Our task is to act as pilot in aiding management to guide the company through these waters by providing Independent Assurance of Sustainability to globally recognized and accepted standards.

Our Sustainability services include:

Human Rights Audit and Advisory

Sustainability Assurance